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Middle Europe
Situated in the middle Europe, Croatia has wonderful position between the Alps, Panonian plains and Adriatic Sea.

Croatia in Europe

Since 7th century struggling for independence
Croats inhabit this part of Europe since 7th century. Although it is one of the youngest countries in Europe, an idea of independence was born a long time ago; its first king Tomislav got the crown in year 925.

However, our homeland lied under different powerful countries (Austria-Hungary, for example).

In 20th century it was a part of Yugoslavia.

Croatia - land of plains, mountains and the sea

The War
1991 - 1995
Free at last! They took your life, they could not take your pride
In 1990 first free elections claimed Croatia as free country. Unlike the Czechs and Slovaks who separated peacefully, dreadful war broke out in the heart of Europe - first in Slovenia, then Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and finally Kosovo, all due to idea of Greater Serbia.

War in Croatia lasted from 1991 till 1995, leaving the country poor and devastated. Although there are many problems, particularly in economy and politics, we all hope for the better future.

We live at north-west of the country which was spared of war actions. Factories are not demolished, houses are intact, land is fertile ... that is a good point to start.

Major changes in political life happened at the very beginning of year 2000, when parliamental and president elections brought new and, everyone hopes, better people to rule the country.

God save Croatia



Photo Album
In here you'll find some postcards from our country

As a country of extraordinary beauty, Croatia used to be a popular destination for tourists all over the Europe - the war cut the number significantly and many of them chose Spain, Greece or some other country to spend their vacation in.
Let us show you some reasons to think twice about it.

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