Our family
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There are not so many members of it - Morana, our Summer Queen; Krsto, her older brother; Bridget as their mother and woman who holds three corners in our triangle-like home; Sasha, whose existence bothers the rest of the family.

Our birth dates

The Summer 2000 was the hottest in last 50 years (up to 40 degrees Celsius); it was time when Morana first opened her eyes and cried out loud. One could hardly imagine such a lovely baby, good and kind to all of us - sleeps well, doesn't cry too much, ... you must love her. She made her first steps at the age of 13 months and started to talk, much earlier than Krsto did. Morana

August 10 2000

December 1997 we'll all remember as the time when Krsto was born. At the age of 4 months he was first suspected to have Mastocytosis. When he was 10 months old, he learned how to walk. After his second birthday, he suddenly got the power of speech, inventing mostly his own language.
Another two years he lived like in a dream, and then came a shock as we moved to our new home and separated from grandparents; he started to attend a kindergarten and it took a few weeks until he adjusted to it. But now there are friends like Luciano, Fran and Joško. Moreover, there are new songs he learned to sing and games he plays and I guess he must like it in some mysterious way.

December 5 1997

Bridget is the first child born in her family; much later she got a sister and a brother. She lived in Gola, village just next to Hungarian border, till she went to high school. She was an excellent student and chose to study medicine at Zagreb University. She graduated in 1994 and works in General Hospital in Koprivnica as an anesthesiologist. In 1995 she made one wrong step and married ... Bridget

October 7 1968

... Sasha, kid who grew up some 20 km up the river. He lived (now we all do) in Legrad. Four years he was in the same class with Bridget, but she preferred older guys. After spending 12 months serving the country, he went to Zagreb and studied computer science; graduated in 1994 and now works in computer department of a company that produces and distributes electrical energy. In 1995 he made one right step and married Bridget. Sasha

September 30 1968

After making that crucial step, we lived in Legrad along with my parents. There's nothing wrong about living there - in certain time of your life, that is. First of all, both of us work in Koprivnica which presumes everyday migrations to work, and those are complicated because Bridget often works overnight and we can't afford two (or more biggrin.gif (152 bytes) ) cars.

Furthermore, having a baby (and a couple of years later another one) suddenly shrunk the house. Grandparents really enjoy spending time with children so babysitting problem was solved; next, it was great having a fresh meal on a table as you return home from work, but it meant that their lives were supposed to be played according to OUR regulations. Not!

Legrad is small and offers almost nothing of educational, cultural or sport side of life.

Those were several reasons why we decided to make a new home of our own in Koprivnica. It took us a little bit longer than two years to move in, and since September 2001 we have a new address.
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