The Phantom Menace
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Star Wars - Episode 1


In 1970's, when I was a little boy, my grandfather worked in a movie theatre which enabled me to watch almost every single film I wanted to. The most popular one was George Lucas' trilogy Star Wars. At the time I was unaware that those were the middle three parts of the future nine-parts long saga.

Episode 1 was presented to us in 1999, introducing Anakin Skywalker - the future Darth Vader. Who would want to imagine that such a cute little man is going to become the most dreadful person in the whole galaxy? I somehow still don't want to ...

People I've talked to usually emphasise race as the most interesting part of the film; not to be mentioned that only a very few of them aren't Formula 1 fans. Speed and danger raise adrenaline in your veins, your palms get wet of excitement and - when a bad guy ends up in the rocks - you simply can't resist whispering yes! although you know it is just a fiction.

Scenery was quite interesting to me; desert-like, vast, but still stunning. I bet people of Tunisia (where the movie was made, if I'm not wrong) wouldn't share that feeling with me, but would prefer water-like world of Naboo; however, they might change the opinion if they met those awful underwater creatures.

Seeing homes those people live in, I wondered: "Hey, how come they live in something that looks like a cave, and - at the same time - have all the hi-tech equipment in their homes?" I guess they might find a way to build something more ... should I say comfortable?
If I'm not wrong, this should be a bedroom.

One of the most annoying characters is Jar-Jar Binks, underwater inhabitant of Naboo. Clumsy as you wouldn't believe, and I'd surely suggest you not to let him into your house as he would act just as an elephant in a glass-store.