Photo Album 3

1997 - 1999

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June 1997

Just the two of us, ready to go out - it was a dinner

This picture was taken in front of our home in Legrad.


November 1997

Half a year later, Bridget is something similar to a 2SHD floppy disk (double side, high density) ... for those who can't count well, it was just a month or so before Krsto was born.

Although a Winter was knocking on our door, at the seaside it was still warm. We spent several days in Lovran (near Opatija), in a lovely hotel "Excelsior".

It is Krsto at the age of 2 months. Please register his dark hair, a lot of it actually ... very doubtful if you know his father has much less hair and it is not dark; a neighbour of ours looks like that a bit, actually ... However, it has changed as the time passed by.

February 1998

Religion should help you in hard times. June 1998 wasn't particularly hard, so it was the right time to make Krsto a member of Roman-Catholic church.

June 1998

June 1998

Since we got married in November 1995, every single year we spent a few days in Opatija, famous resort since 19th century; the most famous monarchs of the time came to enjoy its mild climate through the year.

August 1998

This picture was taken by ourselves, putting a camera onto a stone which was obviously not even. That's why we seem to fall down every second now ...

Summer was hot, water was cold, so the only real joy was walking through the deep shade among ancient buildings.

Ebony and ivory live together in perfect harmony,
side by side on my piano, keyboard, oh Lord, why don't we?

It isn't important to produce a song - at this age any noise (louder the better) is just fine.

February 1999

Oh yes, from the very first moments of sunlight till dark of the night Krsto has a lot to do. As we have heard that children like "real" toys much more than the ones you buy, we let him play with whatever he finds interesting.

May 1999

June 1999

It isn't that simple to catch a bird. However, if you don't try, you'll never know.

This picture was taken in one of Opatija's beautiful parks.


July 1999

Spending a hot summer day in Bero's vineyard (Jelena and Bero are Krsto's godfathers). Old trees provided a shade in which we could enjoy all the benefits of wild life - barbecue, wine, grandma's cakes, ...
It was the hottest time of the year 1999 when we started to build a house of our own.

On the right is the house we decided to replace and build another one. Why? It was 30 years old, ceiling quality was much too poor, and it was small (42 square meters).

Early 1970's

August 1999 - the very beginning; we put a bomb into the old house and simply blew it.

A few days later ... our dining room

August 1999

Who knows why children like to walk around completely naked ... Krsto surely enjoyed this summer, the first one he conquested on his own feet.

November 1999

It is the main entrance (actually, it is hidden behind the corner, below the lower roof). The end of a season was forced by low temperatures and high snow that fell all of a sudden.
And, of course, lack of money.

Backyard view; enlighted windows are kitchen (below) and ... we-didn't-decide-it-yet room above; dining room (far below) and a study (above it). Darker side of the house shows a small bathroom window.

November 1999

Krsto's friends on his second birthday celebration.

Krsto is the leftmost young man, next to him is Anamarija, then Paula and Domagoj.

December 1999