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Our Family

If you are one of our old friends, it is honor to have you here. If you'd like to became our new friend, you're welcome to stay.

What can you expect to find on these pages?

  • We tried to represent our family so you could know who you are dealing with.
  • Most people don't have even a general idea about our homeland and we decided to say a few words about it too.
  • Mastocytosis is a rare disease you'd better not know; however, it helped us find wonderful people and make great friends with some of them.
  • There is a possibility to earn money while surfing - it costs you nothing, can't make you rich either. However, it could pay your surfing expenses off.
  • Entertainment is ... well, everyone knows what it is. Eventually, it is the most often updated part of the site.
  • Oracle contains some business stuff only a few of you will be interested in.
  • On a contact page you'll find a way to reach us by the mean of e-mail or ICQ. Moreover, here are links to our friends' and some other pages.

Please keep in mind that Croatian is our native tongue, not English. Yes, I know you must be asking yourself: "Why doesn't he write in Croatian, then?". The reason is simple - the great majority who bumps into this page does speak English, and only a few of them understand Croatian. Therefore it would be nice of you to warn me about errors you find.

As much as it is wonderful to become addicted to love, it is bad to be addicted to Internet - you'll experience severe headaches, your mood will turn from bright to dark, your social life will suffer, there's a good chance for you to become a nervous and grouchy person. Therefore I'd like to suggest you to close your browser, disconnect from Internet and take a walk; you'll feel much better. Go on! Play with the kids, take a bike ride, read a book, go fishing (umm ... rather not; that really is boring!) ... or follow the links. It's up to you.


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