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Yes, that is me

Hi! My name is Manuel Calavera, but you may call me Manny ... I work for Department of Death, that is, I sell travel packages to the land of eternal rest. There must be something wrong with DOD because I just can't find premium clients.

When I got one, my dear Meche, corruption reasons took her ticket away and sent her to a journey to the Ninth Underworld unprotected which will last four years instead of several hours! My life in the Land of the Dead is dedicated to her rescue, no matter what is it going to cost.

I am so sorry for being dead ... not because it bothers me much, but I am causing that Manuel creature a lot of trouble. They say I was quite a saint while alive, working in community services, helping children, ill and old people, but look at me now - stuck in the Eighth Underworld all due to Manny! However, I am not sure if he did it on purpose or someone cheated on him.


Hi! I am Mercedes Colomar

Glottis, yes, that is my name

Don't look at me that way! So what if I'm an elemental spirit summoned up from the Land of the Dead itself? I'm Manny's best friend and I have only one purpose, one skill, one desire - to drive! I can fix any engine as well, so don't hesitate to call me if you have any problem with your car.

What? Gambling? Me? Noooooooooooo! Why should I have problems with that?!?

There must be something wrong with the Department of Death, I can assure you! That is why our underground movement, Lost Souls Alliance, exists - to show that DOD is corrupt! I am its revolutionary leader and am very proud to have a special agent Calavera between us.

Viva la Revolucion!

I am Salvador Limones of the LSA

Don Copal

Hi guys! I'm Don Copal, boss of Department of Death. Why do you think I don't like Manny?

Don't be afraid! It is just my photo, not me! But, if you see me in such a way in real, I would be very very worried if I were you.
Who? Manny? That looser? No comment!

Domino Hurley


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