Grim Fandango

Year One

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Celso Flores was my very first customer. As he wasn't exactly an angel when he was alive, he didn't deserve nothing better but walking stick to help him travel to the Ninth Underworld. If you look closely, you'll see my shadow on the floor.

I met him and his wife once again, at Year Four in front of Hector LeMans' office.

This is my evil boss's secretary, Eva. My boss is, of course, Don Copal.

Eva also works for the Lost Souls Alliance which is guided by Salvador Limones. When he died at the end of Year Four (killing himself and Hector's girlfriend Olivia Ofrenda), Eva took over the LSA.

Today is the First Day of the End of Your Life

Celebration of the Day of the Dead on the streets of El Marrow. Here's a clown that helped me accomplish some assignments I had to do.

Don Copal gets sprouted. Who did that? Hector LeMans!

In Petrified Forest Glottis had to do some changes on the Bone Wagon, calling it Eagles on Pogo Sticks.

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