Grim Fandango

Years Two & Three

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Leaving the Petrified Forest on the Bone Wagon, Glottis and me finally arrived in Rubacava. Rumours said that Meche was last seen here ...

It didn't take long before I started business on my own - I redecorated an old restaurant and renamed it to "Calavera Cafe". We have a bar and a gambling room there. Nothing much, actually ...

I saw Domino taking Meche to the ship, tried to catch them but then I experienced how it is to get a bottle straight into your head - Meche (can you believe it!) hit me.

Lola has died ... she was a girl who might have a chance with me, only if I wasn't in love with that Meche woman.

After leaving Rubacava on an old ship, Glottis managed to improve it significantly. We renamed it to "Lola".

Here it is the rear half of the ship as we are trying to escape from assassins. We reached the bottom of the ocean in dangerous waters somewhere near Pearl.

It is Chepito, sea crawler who decided to reach Ninth Underworld all by himself. Although he spent much time walking in circles, he surely helped us reach Pearl.

Reunion at the End of the World - Domino runs coral mines. Workers are passengers from sunken ships. Meche is something like his secretary, I should work for him too; Glottis he doesn't need - here you can see how Domino throws him off the end of the world. Luckily, Glottis fell onto the wreck of SS Lamancha ...

No, it is not what you mean! Meche burned her stocking by a cigarette and had to change it. Put me in an (un)pleasant position, though ...

Meche and me on the deck of SS Lamancha, escaping coral mines.

Unfortunately, Domino saw us and tried to bring us back. His octopus propelled submarine was much faster than old SS Lamancha; that's why I had to confront him.

He was much stronger and almost killed me; luckily, he didn't saw coral crusher in front of our ship approaching rapidly.

Domino is killed by a coral crusher while trying to prevent our escape.

There was a good chance for me to get killed too, but I was lucky Bibi and Pugsley, two angelitos, saved my bones.

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