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Sasha's Background

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Almost half a century ago life was more than a game; poverty didn't let people to fool around, but work hard and save every single cent to provide their family a descent life.

Sasha's grandfather Stjepan was born in 1912, the year when Titanic sunk. He was a shoe-maker.

Stjepan, early 1960's

Djurdja, Sasha's mother was born in 1942, so I guess we could call her a child of War.

She was working as a teacher in the local primary school all her life.

Djurdja retired when Sasha graduated from University in 1994.

Djurdja, 1960's

Julio, 1961

Julio is Sasha's father, born in 1939.

As a young man, he served the country and was sent to Sinai peninsula as a United Nations soldier in order to keep the peace between Jews and Arabs.

He was a clerk in the insurance company; for quite a while now he owns a small printing office which produces a valuable extra-income.

July 1967

Djurdja and Julio married in 1967. Those were happy times and noone could imagine that only a year later everyone will tremble in fear of Soviet aggression as they repressed Hungarian cry for freedom in 1968.

Lower picture shows Djurdja and popular "Fico" (Fiat 500) on the honey moon they spent in famous city of Dubrovnik.

Sasha at the age of 2 months with his mother. As the only child in both families (mother's and father's), he was treated nice most of the time. But not all of the time

November 1968

Sasha's first birthday. The house was full of people celebrating something the poor child didn't understand at all. Four leftmost people are members of Djurdja's colleague's family; Sasha sits in his mother's lap, and Julio is the rightmost gentleman.

September 1969

December 1975

Sasha's sister Sonja was born in 1972. As a child she ate almost nothing and I'm amazed how she managed to survive at all.

Now she is a teacher, married for her school sweetheart. Still very skinny.

Summer 1976

Tribunj is a small village in the middle Dalmatia. It was our destination for many years.

Old people who owned a house we stayed in had a horse and a dog (poor thing was tied for a tree and had to spend all days long under the hot sun); he was more than happy when we brought him fresh water and bones.

Almost half a century after the first picture on this page was taken,  Stefek is still healthy and good-looking old man. Is it to thank a glass of red wine he used to drink every day or what, I really wouldn't know.

But I'm quite sure I won't live as long as he did. See you in heaven, someday ...

Spring 1997

Since graduation from University in Zagreb where he studied computer science, Sasha works in a computer department of a company that produces and distributes electrical energy.

Here are Bero and Sasha in their office..

May 1999

June 1998

Love is all around! Yes, it's them - Sonja and her husband, Gordan.

He owns a small restaurant, helping people not to starve and, afterwards, drown their sorrow.

June 1998

Here are the grandparents with their one and only grandson (at the time). From left to right: Djurdja and Julio (Sasha's parents), Ivan and Slavica (Bridget's ones).