Photo Album 2

Bridget's Background

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November 1967

Slavica is Bridget's mother. She was born in 1948 as the only child.

Ivan is her father, born in 1943. They married in 1967, united their land properties and live as farmers, working hard from dawn till dusk.

Summer 1975

This is Bridget as a little angel, at the age of 7.

Unfortunately, we were unable to track her images further into the past.

Kresho, Bridget's baby brother was born when she was 7. The middle child, Ana Maria is a year older than Kresho.

Today, he is the tallest member of a family.


Children on this picture are Bridget's siblings - Kresho is riding a horse.

Adults are their father (left) and grandfather.


Bridget's family name is Salajpal; the three of them are in the first row - Kresho, Bridget and Ana Maria (left to right).

The other children are their friends.

As a child, Bridget was redhead. Unfortunately, she lost most of that colour after 30 years of stressful life; today, you can find more and more grey colour in her hair.

However, I'd be more than happy to find something like that in MY hair (to be honest, I'll be happy to find ANY hair on my head in near future).

Bridget's aunt is a psychiatrist; she lived in Zagreb (our capitol) and, as unable to have children on her own, every now and then loved to entertain her nephews.

On the right: well in the front of Croatian National Theatre.

Today, Bridget works as an anesthesiologist in a local General Hospital.

This is our dear doctor in front of the door that leads to the Intense Care Unit.